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Gillian uses her subconscious mind to read the symbols and metaphors contained in the cards and organise the bits of information she receives into a story. By reading the Tarot intuitively rather than memorizing the official meanings, Gillian can give you a truly personal experience.

An Intuitive Tarot Session can be empowering, and may be quite thought provoking, and healing. By working with the Tarot intuitively, rather than just off pat traditional meanings, Gillian crafts a session tailored specifically to your personal needs.These readings intended to enhance your Spiritual and Personal Development, and to deepen your connection to your Souls purpose, so are not intended as fortune telling, although trends and patterns may be highlighted.

30 Minutes - £40.00

45 Minutes - £50.00
60 Minutes - £60.00

75 Minutes Tarot Deep Dive Exploring £75.00

To book an Intuitive Tarot Reading, please click here




As a spiritualist medium, Gillian has worked in churches across South East England, East Anglia, Spain and the United States of America.

Live one-to-one via Zoom

30 Minutes - £40.00

45 Minutes - £50.00
60 Minutes - £60.00

To book a session, please click here

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