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To read a sample of Gillian's poems, please click on either book cover above.

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If you’ve ever felt you don’t quite belong, and have spent your life conforming to other people’s expectations, this poetry pamphlet could be for you.

The Wisdom Within is Spiritualist Medium Gillian Holland's first booklet penned during the 2020 United Kingdom Lockdown. It's a collection of 21 poems, and other shorter quotes, all inspired by her daily walks in nature, as she reflected on the very early loss of her Father, and the abuse she suffered subsequently.

It's intended as a celebration of both the strength of Spirit in adversity, and the healing power inherent in the natural world. Gillian has included a special healing meditation and reflection, if you too are drawn to using the natural world for inspiration.

Poetry and inspirational writing, Gillian realised, are both valuable tools to make sense of any trauma, transition or loss, and to use our experiences creatively rather than destructively, by reclaiming space which is inherently your own.

The Wisdom Within is intended as a pamphlet to enjoy and to empower rather than dishearten, to create new possibilities in your life in the face of loss.

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